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JAEE International Symposium on Earthquake Engineering

5 / 21 / 2015 [Topics]

The JAEE International Symposium on Earthquake Engineering is aimed at disseminating state-of-the-art earthquake engineering research in Japan and providing an opportunity of presentations and discussions in English for Japanese researchers, practitioners, foreign students, etc.

This year, the International Symposium will be held as organized sessions in the JAEE Annual Meeting on November 19–20, 2015 at the Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo. The session will feature poster presentations, a limited number of oral presentations, and the US–Japan panel discussion on base isolation and seismic response control systems.

We call for papers of presentation on earthquake engineering and related fields. Especially young researchers and foreign students are welcome to join because Excellent Paper Award will be presented to young participants who submit a high-quality paper and make an outstanding presentation. Oral presenters will be nominated based on the quality and content of the paper. Papers that contain political claims, religious claims, commercial advertising, or slander of others will be rejected.

Outline of the International Symposium Session on Earthquake Engineering

Date November 19–20, 2015
(in conjunction with JAEE Annual Conference)
Venue Convention Hall (located in An block) of the Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
(4-6-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8505)
Campus Map:
Guide Map and Floor Map:
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Submission Fee ・ JAEE member is included in the authors: FREE
・ No JAEE members is included: \5,000
Registration Fee ・ JAEE member: \5,000
・ JAEE student member: \2,000
・ Non JAEE member: \10,000
・ Non JAEE member student: \4,000
Please pay the submission and registration fees at the venue in cash.
Reception 6:15–8:15 pm, Thursday, November 19, 2015
・ Regular participant: \4,000
・ Student: \1,000 (TBD)


Submission of Application and Paper
Please submit your application with the following information and paper:
        Phone & Fax. Numbers
        E-mail address
        Presentation category (see below)
        Keywords (4 words)

Instructions for a Poster Presentation

  • Maximum poster size: A0 (841 mm × 1189 mm) in portrait orientation
  • Please attach your poster to a panel using pins or tapes.

Topic Categories
a. Natural Phenomena (earthquake, underground profile, ground motion, tsunami, historical earthquake, etc.)
        a-1) Focal mechanism
        a-2) Underground profile
        a-3) Ground motion
        a-4) Liquefaction/landslide
        a-5) Tsunami/historical earthquake and others

b. Structures (earthquake response, structural experiment, seismic design, base isolation, structural control, retrofitting/reinforcement/inspection, interaction, etc.)
        b-1) Underground structure/dam
        b-2) Pile and foundation
        b-3) Soil-structure interaction
        b-4) Civil structures
        b-5) Buildings and houses
        b-6) Machinery
        b-7) Base isolation/structural control/health monitoring
        b-8) Retrofitting/strengthening
        b-9) Innovative structures/materials and others

c. Social Issues (lifeline, disaster information, risk management, disaster mitigation plan, reconstruction plan, etc.)
        c-1) Lifeline
        c-2) Early warning/disaster information
        c-3) Disaster mitigation plan/risk management/socio-economic issues
        c-4) Reconstruction and others

d. Earthquake Damage Investigation/Reconnaissance Report
        d-1) Great East Japan (Tohoku) Earthquake
        d-2) Recent earthquakes
        d-3) Other earthquakes

Excellent Paper Award
“Excellent Paper Award” will be presented to the young presenters. The candidates should satisfy the following conditions:

  • Submitted a high-quality paper and make an outstanding presentation.
  • JAEE member or JAEE student member.
  • Younger than 36 years old on March 31, 2016.

We expect many young researchers and students to submit and present papers. We recommend non-JAEE members to become a member on this occasion.