Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering

The Journal of JAEE

1. Content

The content shall be from a wide range of fields such as science, engineering, sociology, humane studies, etc. that contribute to the development of earthquake engineering and earthquake disaster reduction. The four categories shall be technical papers/technical reports/technical notes/discussions as noted below. Provided that overviews/submissions shall be added to the category for the special editions.

(1) Technical Papers

Summary of theory or proof that are novel, original, useful, reliable, or expansive.

(2) Technical Reports

Investigation reports on disaster/reconstruction or work reports on design/construction/field measurement that are novel, useful, or reliable.

(3) Technical Notes

Budding tentative assumptions that can be expected to evolve significantly. Useful data/tables/charts, etc. that supplement technical papers or technical reports published in the past. Technical Notes also include flash reports that require urgency such as investigation results of unexpected disasters.

(4) Discussions

Discussions regarding technical papers, technical reports and technical notes that were already published.

(5) Overviews/Submissions (Only for special editions)

Overviews shall be comprehensive summaries that encompass the research results related to the themes of the special editions, and touch upon the current research or future prospect. Submissions shall be commentaries or essays on the themes of the special editions, or those which have no other applicable category.

Journal papers shall be limited to materials that are unpublished, or those which were requested by the JAEE Journal Editorial Committee Chairman (hereinafter called the Chief Editor). Provided that those which are listed in Article 2 shall be considered to be unpublished.

2. Scope of Published Materials that may be Submitted

(1) Materials presented at symposia, scholarly meetings, international meetings, etc. as synopsis or documents.

(2) Materials published internally in university's proceedings, or presented at laboratories of research institutions.

(3) Reports on the result of research commissioned by the national government, local governments, groups or companies.

(4) Materials requested by the Chief Editor.

3. Qualifications for Submission

 Membership qualification (Individual Member, Student Member) is not required.

4. Manuscripts

(1) Technical papers/technical reports/technical notes/discussions may be either in Japanese or in English.

(2) The standard for "Technical Papers" shall be 10 pages or less, and up to 10 excess pages are allowed.

(3) The standard for "Technical Reports" shall be 20 pages, and up to 20 excess pages are allowed.

(4) The maximum allowed for "Technical Notes" shall be 4 pages, and no excess pages are allowed.

(5) The maximum allowed for "Discussions" shall be 4 pages, and no excess pages are allowed.

(6) The maximum allowed for "Overviews/Submissions" shall be 10 pages, and no excess pages are allowed.

(7) Refer to the "Writing Guideline" for details on manuscript submission format such as layouts, and how to write it.

(8) Once a manuscript is accepted, addition of words/sentences or rewriting shall not be allowed.

5. Submission of Manuscripts

(1) Manuscripts shall be written in accordance with the writing guideline, and shall be submitted by electronic file in PDF format.

(2) When submitting a manuscript, the category shall be clearly marked as "Technical Papers", "Technical Reports", "Technical Notes", "Discussions", or "Overviews/Submissions".

(3) If a manuscript was sent back with suggestions for content correction and a revised manuscript has not been returned within 6 months after the Association sent it back, the submission shall be considered to have been withdrawn.

(4) The manuscript of journal papers shall be sent to the address noted below:

Submit to submit@journal.jaee.gr.jp

6. Acceptance of Journal Papers

The Chief Editor shall decide whether or not to accept the journal papers based on the judgment standard of peer review, and shall notify the author.

7. Copyright

(1) Copyright of written materials that were published in the collection of articles shall belong to the Association.

(2) As a general rule, if the author utilizes the copyrighted material by copying/translating/adopting it entirely or partially, the Association shall not raise an objection or prevent such use.

8. Publication Fee, etc.

A publication fee and excess page publication fee shall be collected as noted below. Provided that the submission was made upon request by the Chief Editor or it was submitted in English, both fees shall be waived.

Membership Categories Technical Papers Technical Reports Technical Notes Discussions Overviews/Submissions
Publication Fee Excess Page Publication Fee Publication Fee Excess Page Publication Fee Publication Fee Publication Fee Publication Fee Excess Page Publication Fee
Individual Members * 10,000 yen 10,000 yen 10,000 yen 10,000 yen 5,000 yen Free 10,000 yen 10,000 yen
Non-Members 20,000 yen 20,000 yen 20,000 yen 20,000 yen 10,000 yen Free 20,000 yen 20,000 yen

* Individual Members or Student Members (excludes Corporation Members)

Supplementary Provisions

This rule shall be effective from April 11, 2001 upon approval by the Board of Directors.