Request to the Press Members

In order to run the conference smoothly, we request the press members of the 17th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (17WCEE) to follow the following precautions. Please note that you may be asked to leave the venue if you violate the following precautions. If the 17WCEE secretariat gives an instruction separately, please follow the instruction regardless of the content of this precaution.
Here, "press members"are those who meet the following conditions assessed by the 17WCEE secretariat. If you do not meet the following conditions, please participate as a general participant.
1) News media such as TV, radio and newspapers (reporters, cameramen, directors, etc.)
2) Reporters for magazines and internet media, etc.

*Also available in Japanese.

Precautions for Coverage

There are three types of the 17WCEE presentation formats: venue presentation, online presentation, and on-demand presentation. Please follow the following precautions for coverage.

(1) Common policy

  • Presentation slides, posters, and presentation contents are all copyrighted by the presenter. Secondary use is prohibited without the permission of the presenter. Please make sure to ask for the consent of the presenter if secondary use of data, charts, etc. is necessary.
  • If you wish to contact a presenter, please do so directly after the presentation by e-mail or other means. The 17WCEE secretariat will not serve as a go-between between the presenter and press members.

(2) Coverage at the venue including public lectures and the Bosai / Disaster Management Expo in Sendai

  • When you arrive at the venue, please perform the prescribed procedures at the press reception desk and receive the press pass at first.
  • Please wear the press pass in the venue at all time so that participants can be aware that the press members are covering and filming.
  • Please follow the instructions of the chairperson, secretariats, and guides in the venue.
  • Please beware of excessive flash, shutter sound, movements during filming, etc. as it may interfere with the running of conference.
  • Please note that a press room is not provided because the space of the venue is limited to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please use the rest area for manuscript preparation and interviews with presenters, etc.

(3) Online presentation and on-demand presentation

  • Zoom is used for online presentations. Please listen to the presentation with your name and affiliation in the display name of Zoom. (Freelance journalist should be displayed as "press")
  • Please refrain from acts that interfere with the running of the conference and acts that cause annoyance to general participants, such as speaking to presenters and interviews on the Zoom channel of the conference.
  • Do not film the screen or record the screens of the online and on-demand presentation.

Regarding Publication of Coverage

If you publish (post / broadcast) the content of the coverage at 17WCEE, please inform the 17WCEE secretariat of the date and medium of publication. In addition, please send a copy of the article or broadcast or the URL to the 17WCEE secretariat by e-mail within 2 weeks after publication. The 17WCEE secretariat is not responsible for any problems or issues that may occur as a result of the publication. Therefore, please check with the interviewees in advance.


  • Pre-registration is required for the coverage of the 17WCEE. Please register by filling in the press application form. Please note that the pre-registration is required for the coverage of online and on-demand presentations as well.
    Those who registered by September 15th will be able to log in to the 17WCEE system from September 20th.
    Otherwise, you will be required to register at the venue, which may take some time.
  • Even if people for the coverage are from the same organization, please apply for each individual. However, for a crew consisting of multiple people (e.g. Video coverage crew for TV) a representative of the group should apply for registration of the entire crew.
  • No registration fee will be charged.
  • Press members are eligible to participate in all 17WCEE programs, including the public lecture on September 26th and the Bosai / Disaster Management Expo in Sendai.
  • Some events such as technical tours require separate pre-registration and application. Detailed information regarding participation to such events will be sent by email to those who have pre-registered.
*Also available in Japanese.